I stand with Planned Parenthood

Cue typical intro after an unintentional blogging hiatus: I know it’s been quiet around these parts lately, and I wish I could say it was for good reason. I wish I could say I’ve been out traveling the world and doing otherwise awesome things, but no. I’ve just been here. Living. Working on my life and making it what I want it to be.

So, okay, I guess that is pretty awesome.

I could probably spend quite a bit of time talking about the awesome: district basketball tournaments and delicious homemade dinners.

But… I’m too busy being upset right now. And it all started with this tweet from Rachael:

That first word just about sums it up. OUTRAGE. If you don’t know what’s going on with this, I urge you to do a quick online news search for “Planned Parenthood funding.” I found this story from ABC News and was immediately distraught.

Seriously, guys. I am HURT. I’m taking this personally, and here’s why (the short version):

When I was in college, I didn’t have a lot of income (if you can even count the income I got from working at the college newspaper an “income”). However, I had the utter inconvenience of being a WOMAN, thus felt regular check-ups were a good idea (plus, you know, birth control wasn’t off the table either). But remember that little to no income thing? I couldn’t exactly afford to go to a regular OB/GYN like a grown ass adult.

So I went to Planned Parenthood. In my situation, they were really my only option. It was the care and service I received from Planned Parenthood that found abnormal cells during a routine check-up. It was the care and service I received from Planned Parenthood that led to the discovery of, essentially, pre-cancerous cells. ON MY CERVIX.

Now look, I don’t normally discuss such personal things here (and by that I mean I don’t normally discuss MY CERVIX here) but this is important.

Are you getting this? I could afford to see a regular OB/GYN. If it hadn’t been for Planned Parenthood, I could very well have developed cervical cancer between then and the time I finally had insurance and a job that would allow me to see an actual doctor (which, by the way, was just a year ago. ONE YEAR.)

Look, I’m no physician. I don’t know the exact odds of my previous condition actually leading to cervical cancer, but I know it could have happened. So in a big way, I kind of feel like I owe a big part of my life to Planned Parenthood.

And this week, the House of Representatives voted to yank funding from Planned Parenthood. Funding that provides birth control, cancer and HIV screening to young women across the country who may not have any other options.

Yeah, I’m hurt. Yeah, I take it personally.

But I’m doing something about it. I’m speaking out, voicing my opinion. You can too, if you so choose, by placing this button on your site (thanks to Rachael for bringing it to my attention):

5 thoughts on “I stand with Planned Parenthood

  1. Thanks for posting this, Kaci! I haven’t had the same experience as you with this, but I, too, stand with Planned Parenthood for the good work they do to help women around our country. And it really bothers me that some people want to take this good work away because of one thing that Planned Parenthood does support.

    1. That’s what gets me, too! If you (not YOU, but people in general, you know) don’t like abortion, fine, that’s your prerogative. Fight abortion. But this is like shooting someone in the head because their finger is broken.

  2. I am appealing to parents to watch the enclosed video. It shows the assault Planned Parenthood has launched against children. It is sickening.

    A corporate policy that actively stalks, tempts and sets up children for sex is reprehensible. Do parents know what their doing?

    Supporting Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars promotes their ideology.

    I cannot support any decision that robs children of their innocence.

    Thank you for your consideration.


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