The one in which I gloat

Guys, I don’t win things.

This is not to say I’m a loser. We all know that’s not true. I am not, however, what one would call a winner.

In fact, I’ve become quite comfortable in my second place seat in life. It comes with most of the pride (except for all that “first loser” nonsense and of course knowing there’s still somebody better than you) but not nearly as much of the responsibility.

Wait… what? Yeah, even I lost myself on that one.


I won!

Princess Pointful (or PP as I like to call her… as of… now) over at …and hijinks ensued. has taken it upon her pretty little self to host a Christmas contest and, despite my second place-er-ness (ugh), I won! She’s giving away some mix CDs and, to enter, I had to tell her about a song that’s special to me.

I told her this:

P. Diddy’s (because I’m pretty sure that’s the name he was going by at the time) “I’ll Be Missing You.”

For some reason it’s the one song that hits me hardest and reminds me of my dad. And because I still can’t come right out and say it, this might clear that up.

There are a lot of these contests going on and in light of my recent win (did I mention I won?) I’m feeling the need the return the favor. This isn’t the announcement of a contest of my own (because I don’t particularly have the time, money or, you know, readership), just know I’m considering it.

Thanks, PP!

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