Wherein we beat the crap out of the snow

I’ve been complaining a lot (a LOT) lately about my beloved Jetta and its lack of kickassability in the snow. There’s a good amount of snow here, enough to make people complain and kids get all giddy. And I posted earlier about either getting snow tires or a Tacoma this winter. I was half right.

We bought an Xterra today.

A 2004, (WSU crimson?) red Xterra, to be exact. Four-wheel drive, V6, not-horrible-but-not-as-good-as-the-Jetta gas mileage.

I’ll be selling the Jetta (no, we didn’t trade it in) but not right away. I’m only half looking forward to getting the money from that sale. I love the Jetta, I really do. She’s my baby, only I never got around to naming her.

Hopefully the Xterra grows on me (I DID miss my Grand Vitara after The Wreck) and I like it as much as I do the Jetta… what with its lack of power and heated seats (ack!) and NO MIRRORS IN THE VISOR! Also it doesn’t have the digital thermometer (or, hell, a thermometer at all) or fancy-schmancy blue/purple lights on the dash…

Hmm. Maybe we’ll keep the Jetta.

I’ll post pics when I feel like it.

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