Too Late

I had a love once

We had a home

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone

I used the fire in her eyes to burn those bridges down

Andrew Duhon – “Too Late”

I found these lyrics today, scribbled on a piece of paper, buried in my purse. I’d completely forgotten about them, the song and that I’d even written them down. Once I saw them, though, that exact moment came rushing back to me. I remember hearing that song come onto my Pandora station at work, and I remember the feeling it gave me – that rushing, sinking feeling, like reality was setting in and I was losing everything I’d worked so hard for over the past few years.

How can I just let this go? How can I just let him go?

I can’t.

So I didn’t.

I remember feeling like I was making the biggest mistake in the world, and that I had to do something RIGHT NOW to stop it.

So I did.

That’s the thing about some decisions: Sometimes you can stew over it and contemplate it for days on end, weeks, months. But it all comes down to one thing that hits you right where it counts, and your gut will tell you where to go from there. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it isn’t too late.

Photo: Kim Seng