Ten on Tuesday: Nameology

I’m a little late to the game today (blame work and a headache), but it’s still Tuesday and I loved these questions! So.

1. How did your parents decide on your name?

Kaci is from some song my mom really liked – I know she’s made me listen to it before, but to be honest I did. not. like the song, so I can’t even remember who sang it or what it’s called.

2. Do your initials (First, Middle, Last) spell out anything fun/funny?

KJB – nope, but they are eerily close, in my head, to KGB.

3. Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you take your maiden name as your middle name? (If unmarried, what do you plan to do?)

I would not even consider giving up Johanna.

4. Are you or will you name your children thematically (ie. same first letter, all of same origin…)

I haven’t really thought about it, but I kind of doubt it. I have specific names in mind that aren’t similar in any way, really. Except maybe that they’re family names.

5. Did you decide on baby names as a little girl? Did you stick to them or change your mind?

I did, and none of them are anything I would even consider now.

6. Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?

Well, my middle name is one from a great great something grandmother, and The Boy’s first name is a third generation name.

7. Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?

I look at the meaning just for funsies, but it doesn’t really impact whether I like it or not.

8. Do you name pets with human names (Sally, Henry) or with pet names (Fluffy, Mr. Bo Bo)?

Dogs: Caliber, Colt and Velvet. Trigger and Bailey. We call Caliber, “Callie,” but that’s about as close to human as the names get.

9. Are there any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience/someone you once knew?


10. What are some of your favorite names? Why?

Kaci! Johanna! Because I’m egotistical like that.

Ten on Tuesday by Chelsea!

Post title inspired by The Boondock Saints: I’m an expert in… nameology!

Photo: James Cridland

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Nameology

  1. 1. named after my dad with the exception i have a middle name, so i’m not a “junior”.
    2. nope, but i must say i like the KGB reference kaci. you’re almost a know-it-all…
    3. my middle name is from my dad’s co-worker at the time
    4. i doubt it.
    5. nope, but i’m sure my wife did.
    6. my first name is several generations
    7. nope
    8. we use both styles of names for our pets. we just go with what ever feels right.
    9. i don’t think so…. never really thought about it.
    10. idk…

    1. I didn’t know your dad doesn’t have a middle name! Huh. You learn something new every day I guess, right?

      Sometimes when I go to say my initials (but now that I think about it, why would I ever need to actually say my initials? Anyway), I *almost* say KGB instead of KJB. Whoops!

      When you have litters of pups like you guys do, it makes sense to do themed dog names. I guess you could say ours are themed – 3 of the 5 are related to firearms!

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