What’s under my bed?

There’s a monster under my bed.

He’s got lanky legs, a disgustingly long tongue and hairy ears. In fact, he’s hairy everywhere.

The space under there is almost too small, but it doesn’t keep him out. He’s there, every night.

I can hear him sometimes, moving around beneath my bed. He’ll forget what he’s doing sometimes and fall asleep, and I can hear him drift off to Dreamland. He’ll whimper a few times, maybe let out a few mini growls, and I imagine he’s dreaming of chasing some small adorable fluffy creature.

Yes, there’s a monster under my bed.

His name is Colt.

Writing is elementary series prompted by Katherine. Topics from Write Source. Photo is MINE, BITCHES.

3 thoughts on “What’s under my bed?

  1. i absolutely loved this post and the way you described the “monster” under your bed. Such a brilliant post it honestly made me smile


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