Ten on… Saturday. So sue me. (Also: FOOOOD.)

1. What condiments are always, always in your fridge?

Miracle Whip, Best Foods mayo, mustard, ketchup and horseradish. And soy sauce. And ranch dressing. And and and. Yeah I love me some condiments.

2. How do you like your steaks cooked? Your burgers?

Steaks must be medium rare… and I’m finding that my taste has been moving more toward the rare end of the spectrum. Burgers, however, need to be fully cooked. I prefer them barbecued with maybe a little crisp on the outside. Yum.

3. What’s your favorite use for fresh tomatoes?

Sliced with a little salt. That is all.

4. What’s your go-to dinner when you haven’t planned anything in advance and you don’t feel like going out?

Correction: Can’t afford to go out, not “don’t feel like going out.” I always want to go out to eat.

Anyway. Either spaghetti or tacos.

5. What’s your favorite snack food lately?

Chips, always chips. But recently I discovered tortilla chips with a hint of jalapeno. Yum!

6. What’s your favorite weekend breakfast to make at home?

I’m not a big breakfast eater (gasp!)… but BACON.

7. What’s your favorite thing to grill?  How do you do it?

My mom taught me how to grill this really amazing onion dish. And when I say onion dish, I mean half an onion soaked in teriyaki sauce, then… you guessed it, grilled. It’s delicious.

Really, I leave the grilling to the boys.

8. What’s your favorite wine for under $10? If you’re not a wine person, what brand of beer is your favorite?

I drink Coors Light. It’s basically my only religion.

9. Give us your most delicious cocktail recipe.

Gladiator: Shot glass of half Amaretto, half Southern Comfort, dropped in a tumbler of half 7-up, half orange juice.

10. How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled, with cheese and hot sauce. Or over easy (sunny side up) with bacon or toast for dipping! Oh goodness.

Ten on Tuesday by Chelsea

Photo: Michael Fletcher

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