In case you were wondering…

This is what happens when I’m left alone for 15-ish hours, feeling a bit lonely, a little sad and far too sorry for myself.

… I buy this:

Because. Just because.

And this:

… to wear the the BiSC black, white & gold party.

Although, if I did strapless, I just may have gone with this instead.

I’ll also be getting the following in person very, very soon:

Because, um, GOLD + GLITTER just screams, Vegas, no?
Maybe. Because I can. I know my big brother will say, ew heels with laces, really? But I like them.

And because I am NOT carrying my suitcase-of-a-purse around with me in Sin City…


Which do you think?

Also, this is cute even though I’m not really a floral/print wearing kinda girl.

17 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

    1. Ah, thanks! If I get the blue one in time (it’s not supposed to ship until May sometime), I’m definitely taking it to Vegas with me… and am really hoping the black one fits, because I LOVE it! I’ve been drooling over it for a while now, and finally have an excuse to buy it! 😉

  1. I love the black dress!!! And the solid black purse is too cute. I wish I could pull off something like those gold heels. Just perfect for Vegas. Now I’ve got the shopping fever oh what to wear?!? Thanks for sharing what you found! It helps us newbies a lot.

  2. I support the black dress over the strapless, although the strapless is creepily similar to my prom dress.

    Life is too short for strapless! Why waste time at an event worrying about gravity and safetypins and friction and clear tape and more weirdness? That has always been my strapless experience.

  3. Ummmm I MIGHT have to buy that strapless dress that you said you just might get if you did strapless… because I LOVE strapless, and that dress is hot. And so are those glittery gold heels, you go girl! Can’t wait to meet you in VEGAS!!!!!! (Cue excitement and screaming!)

    1. You should SO get that strapless dress! It is to die for cute, and, like I said, I would DEFINITELY wear it if I were a strapless kind of girl. It almost makes me sad! I’m excited about the heels! And even MORE excited to meet you in VEGAS! Excitement and screaming!!

  4. i like the black dress and the silver purse.

    honestly, i wouldn’t carry anything by hand in vegas. i use pants with zipped or velcro pockets and be on the look out.

    1. The point of the smaller purses is that they’ll be hooked to my wrist at all times, unlike a normal purse of mine, which is really more like a suitcase. Also, does that dress look like it has any velcro/pockets? 🙂 I’ll definitely be on the look out though, don’t worry brother!

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