In case you were wondering…

This is what happens when I’m left alone for 15-ish hours, feeling a bit lonely, a little sad and far too sorry for myself.

… I buy this:

Because. Just because.

And this:

… to wear the the BiSC black, white & gold party.

Although, if I did strapless, I just may have gone with this instead.

I’ll also be getting the following in person very, very soon:

Because, um, GOLD + GLITTER just screams, Vegas, no?
Maybe. Because I can. I know my big brother will say, ew heels with laces, really? But I like them.

And because I am NOT carrying my suitcase-of-a-purse around with me in Sin City…


Which do you think?

Also, this is cute even though I’m not really a floral/print wearing kinda girl.