Currently loving



  • Getting my ring back!
  • An upcoming weekend trip to Leavenworth with all the lovely women in my family!
  • The small of freshly cut grass. I mean, just, really.
  • Wedding planning! So far, we’ve got the locations nailed down, as well as the food. Details coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Currently loving

  1. Oooh, I love those spring breeze photos! Beautiful!

    Have fun in Leavenworth! It’s so beautiful this time of year, with all the tulips and daffodils. Are the apple blossoms still blooming?

    1. I’ve never been there this time of year – which is pretty disgusting, because I live fairly close-ish – so I’m SUPER excited. That, and my mom has never stayed there, so my sisters and I get to show her around!

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