Wedding Planning: The early stages

We’ve gotten quite a few of the big ticket items nailed down:

  • The ceremony, which will be small and for immediate family and our closest friends only, will be held at our home.
  • The reception will be held at the town “gym,” which is an old school gym but is now used for community events.
  • Two of my coworkers are doing dinner and dessert. Not ruining the surprise there, though!

The parts I’m having the most difficult with are my indecisiveness: What color should the bridesmaid dresses be? Do I want them all to match, or do something a little different? What color should MY dress be? What about The Fiance, and the groomsmen, what should they wear?

Also, in case you weren’t aware, I’m still in my first trimester thus completely devoid of any energy to actually do… well, anything. I go to work, come home, sometimes nap, eat, go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. So the fact that we’ve gotten a few of the big things figured out – and other things, like the photographer – nearing a decision, makes me feel pretty proud of myself.

It’s the little things about the wedding, the details – plates and silverware and tablecloths – that are giving me anxiety and making me wonder Why The Actual Hell We’re Not Eloping. So I’m hoping that passes as I (hopefully) get my energy back in the coming weeks. Because, um, HELLO. July 16 is going to be here SOON.

Photo: ellajphillips