Happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t make it “home” to see my mom and big sister this weekend like originally planned, but I keep telling myself it’s okay because we’re all going on a little weekend getaway next weekend! Super excited.

Today turned out to be pretty spectacular. It’s not even 5 pm as I write this, but I’m still pretty comfortable saying that. This morning, The Fiance went to town for some fencing for our vegetable garden (so that it remains, you know, a vegetable garden as opposed to a massive play area for the dogs – they. love. to. dig.) and came home with surprises! For me! For Mother’s Day! 🙂 I may or may not have been hinting for a couple weeks about it, but regardless – he went above and beyond what I expected!

I’ve been talking about getting some pretty hanging flowers for our front porch, so he came home with three of these gorgeous things:

They’re fuchsias, and in full bloom will look like this:

So. pretty! We’ll probably be adding to the collection, and getting some that have white on the inside, instead of the purple. Oh, I just love them!

He also brought home two cards for me – one “from” the baby, and one, of course, from him. The one from the baby is too cute!

Cover on the right; the inside message on the left (backwards, I know)

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day – whether it was spent with your mom, your significant other’s mom, with your own babies or puppies or kitties or other monsters, or even if it was just a fantastic Sunday, regardless of the holiday.