Mind over matter

We all know I’m no fan of public speaking. I don’t hate it, I’d just rather not. But we also all know that I definitely am a fan of money. It can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy a lot of things that make a girl happy.

So I’ve been watching this show pretty much since the day I was born. I remember when I used to think my mom was a genius, swearing up and down that she should go on the show. Then I remember playing the NES games against Jesse… the only time I could beat him was when we played the junior version, and that was only because I played so often that I had all the puzzles memories. Call it cheating if you will, I call it being resourceful. And doing whatever I had to to beat him. Let’s be honest. It didn’t happen often.

But I digress. Just minutes ago I filled out the online college registration application to be a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune. I fully anticipate that I’ll forget this even happened in a few days, but how nuts would it be if those crazy bastards actually let me on the show? Maybe whoever sifts through what must be thousands and thousands of online registration forms will see where I go to school and think, “Hmm. Washington has a state university? Interesting. I bet it’s in the middle of a bunch of wheat fields. Let’s get that redneck on the show…” thus making my entire life worth living.

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