Wedding update: 7-ish weeks & counting

I’ve decided I’m not having a maid of honor, nor do I want The Fiance to have a best man (though, he can certainly make that distinction if he wants). Instead, I’m having two bridesmaids. That is all. I’m not choosing one over the other. I’m not choosing favorites.

Before I really started planning this wedding (which is in LESS THAN SEVEN WEEKS FRICK) I thought for sure I’d have a maid of honor. And of course I’d have a few bridesmaids after that, too. But now that I’ve been faced with actually making that decision… I just don’t like it. I don’t like how it makes me feel. Choosing my best friend of YEARS and YEARS over the girl who has been there for me more recently through EVERYTHING, no questions asked (or vice versa)? Makes me feel sick. I DON’T like that.

So I’m not doing it.

Two bridesmaids. My two best friends. (I would have a third, but SOMEbody works on a cruise ship and is somewhere beautiful in Europe and can’t make it to the wedding. C’est la vie.) Nothing more, nothing less.

Two bridesmaids wearing this adorable dress (the floral print) (on sale! on CLEARANCE!) that I kind of sort of maybe wish I was wearing, too.

My big brother is officially ordained and prepared – legally, but not really otherwise I’m sure – to officiate the wedding and marry us. I love that. I LOVE the reaction I get when people ask, “Who is marrying you guys?” And I get to answer, “MY BROTHER!” But even more, I love that someone I love and admire, look up to and respect, is playing such an important role in all of this. I joke a lot about it, commenting about how I’m sure we’ll be all laughs because my brother is a comedian, but in all seriousness, I’m so excited and so honored that he is doing this for me.

End schmoop.

Invitations are (basically) done. I’ve handed some out, a bunch more are in the mail, but I still feel like we’re forgetting people… which probably means we are. Or not. I really don’t know.


Inspiration for my bridesmaids dresses. Pretty sure this is from Style Me Pretty ( but I *may* be wrong. Yes, my girls will also be wearing cowboy boots. Nothing else is really appropriate in sagebrush.

The invitations are semi-incomplete in that we didn’t include engagement photos like so many people do. Instead, I think we’ll have a table near the guestbook at the reception with different options for people to choose from. That’s assuming we actually get photos done within the next six and a half weeks, of course. So we’ll see. Also, the invitations don’t have those fancy little cards telling people where we’re registered. This is where I’m putting maybe too much faith in my fellow human beings and assuming they will visit the website listed on the invitations, because that is where our registration information is, directions on how to get to our house in BFE, etc. etc. I have a feeling I’ll be explaining that a lot, though.

And this is where this post ends because I don’t remember where I was going with it.