Independence Day

The Fourth was multiple trips through the buffet line. It was portable logs of flame and thousands of dollars in fireworks. It was semitrucks cruising through town (just because they can) and signs on the tavern door: “Will reopen after the fireworks.”

The Fourth was giggling at the happy drunks because everybody just loves each other so! much! It was dogs chasing firecrackers down the street in the middle of the afternoon and meeting the soon-to-be father-in-law’s girlfriend-but-not-really-girlfriend. It was eleventy kinds of pasta salad and WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE HOT DOGS?! It was homemade ice cream and hey, where’s mine?!

The Fourth was kids running around with sparklers and adults running around with mortars. It was sober for the first time in a long time, and waking up with no hangover. It was heart-to-hearts and staying up wayyyy past my bedtime.

The Fourth was pretty great.

(How was yours?)

Photo: Rampant.Gaffer

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