The weekend before THE Weekend

Our hardwood floors are finally finished (there will be a separate post – with pictures! – on that later, promise) and we can finally move back into our home. There’s a lot I need to do today before I leave in the morning for a casual bachelorette thing with family and friends (it’s no Vegas, but I’m so excited!) and sometimes, the only way I can actually get myself to do things I need to do is to publicly announce them, so that’s what this is.

  1. First thing’s first: Take a damn shower, woman.
  2. Rebuild bedroom
  3. Clean the fucking kitchen!
  4. Attempt to reorganize the office
  5. Call mom
  6. (This one’s a secret for now)
  7. Pack
  8. Eat? No, definitely eat.

Yes, you read that right: I *am* having a little bachelorette thing this weekend! One of my bridesmaids offered to organize something simple – even though I hadn’t really planned on or anticipated having one at all – and who am I to deny such a request? My bridesmaids and I will be doing lunch, then the whole group will meet for bowling, manis/pedis and hopefully fit in some down time at my sister’s house before heading out to dinner.

Have I mentioned this whole getting married thing is starting to weird me out? The wedding, it’s the wedding. I’ve been tempted lately to meet P at the courthouse one day after he gets off work, buuuuut I guess we’re in a little too deep for that now, right? RIGHT?!

Photo: Estevam Romera

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