Wedding Week

My wedding is this weekend. This morning, Rikki tweeted about it being five days away.

I’m officially freaking out.


– I don’t have music picked out.

– I haven’t stepped foot in the reception venue. Are there tables and chairs there? A fridge? Hell if I know.

– I’m silently praying to god (I don’t even actually do that, but it’s a good expression and shows my desperation) we have enough food.

– Who’s going to pick up the flowers Saturday?

– My mom will be staying with us for THREE. NIGHTS. before the wedding.

– Reception decorations. Eff.

– Wooden archway? What is happening with that? Don’t ask me.


+ Hardwood floors are finished

+ New Samsung fridge and General Electric stove are purchased and will be delivered Wednesday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). No more yellow stove! More shelf space in the kitchen!

+ My friends and family are amazing.

+ Kegs are ordered. We will have kegs. Kegs = done.

+ I have maybe the. most. understanding and encouraging boss in the entire world.

+ My mom will be staying with us for THREE! NIGHTS! before the wedding.

So. I mean. Yeah.

I’m freaking out.

Just a little.

BUT THEN I WILL BE MRS. A*************************************************! (Note: Not the actual length of P’s last name.)