Becoming Mrs. A

The day of the wedding was gorgeous.

It started out iffy – I woke up to the smell of rain, and sure enough when I looked outside, the ground was damp. The storm had passed, though, and since the ceremony wasn’t until that evening, I wasn’t too worried.

At one point that morning, I looked down at my feet for one reason or another, and realized the swelling in my ankles had vanished. “It’s going to be a good day. I have ankles again.” I thought to myself.

Turns out, I was absolutely correct.

My BFF and I went to town to pick up the flowers and cheesecakes, and to just get me the eff out of the house. (I love my family dearly, but sometimes when we’re all together a girl just needs to get away. Especially a girl who doesn’t want to make any more decisions!) The trip to the florist was great – the woman ended up giving me a deep red calla lily in place of the red sunflower I had ordered to honor my dad. (Callas were my first choice, but did you know they’re damn expensive?) The boys picked up the kegs for the reception, my family started and finished some of the food as well… everything was coming together.

Before I knew it (despite a bit of confusion on where the hell, exactly, I live), the photographer was at the house and there were pictures being taken, guns being shot out back (we’re country, remember?), and of course tears from my mom. Then P and I were doing our “first look” photos, then bridal party photos, then family photos, and suddenly it was almost 6 pm and I had a billion family members everywhere and my brother looked fantastic in his shirt and jacket and Callie decided to join us for the ceremony and I actually didn’t cry and and and and and then we were married!

It’s kind of a blur, but at the same time, not really.

Everything just turned out really great. I don’t know what else to say about it. We had a great turnout of family and friends, and we are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives who wanted to celebrate this with us.

P was back to work Monday morning, and early this week sometime, someone asked him what the best gift we received was. When P relayed the story to me, the only thing I could really think of was …


All photos by Ashley of Ashley Julian Photography.

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