21 weeks

Before I get to the questions (which I am stealing from when Erin did her pregnancy updates last year), a few things of note:

  1. I haven’t formally said it here, so the big announcement is that P and I are having a boy! We saw the proof, oh so clearly, at my 20-week ultrasound on July 13, and kept it a secret from everybody else (except my mom, who was with us during the ultrasound) until our wedding reception. She made the big announcement at the reception, which went something like this:

    “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kaci’s mother. I have FIVE granddaughters (!!), and am proud to announce that soon, I will have my first grandSON!”

    There were cheers and hollers and then I ate more cheesecake.

  2. I felt him move for the first time on our wedding night (July 16). I’m 99% sure he was rolling over, and it was heavenly.

Now! Onto the questions, which I will attempt to do on a somewhat regular basis between now and December!

HOW FAR ALONG: 21 weeks

HOW BIG IS HE: Apparently, about 9 inches long and anywhere from 10 to 13 ounces.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 11 pounds. Maybe 12 or 13 by now? I don’t weigh myself at home, just at the doctor’s office.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: For the most part, my regular clothes still fit fairly well. I do have to rubberband some of my jeans closed (loop the rubberband around the button, through the button hole and back to the button), and I’ve just started wearing a few maternity tops this week.

STRETCH MARKS: Nope! I got some of that stretch mark cream that is supposed to help prevent/improve the appearance of stretch marks, so here’s hoping.

SLEEP: I was having difficulty sleeping for awhile, until I brought home The Body Pillow. Nothing special here, just a regular ol’ body pillow from Walmart, but geeeeezus has that thing helped.

MOVEMENT: A little here and there – sometimes it feels like he’s having a one-man party in there, other times I’m pretty sure he’s pissed about my food intake for one reason or another, but for the most part he’s pretty calm.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Nothing specific, really. Just food in general.

WHAT I MISS: Sleeping on my stomach. Taking Excedrin when the headaches hit – Tylenol just doesn’t work as well.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Feeling more movement! I really, really want P to feel him moving around in there.

MILESTONES: We bought our first “baby thing” this weekend – a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament from Kris Kringl in Leavenworth. We can put his picture in it and hang it on the tree! I’m excited.

DOG STUFF: For awhile the dogs were acting a bit more needy than normal, but either I’ve gotten used to it or it stopped. They definitely know something’s up, though, because when I have my emotional fits (the other day, I went from laughing hysterically to crying to p-i-s-s-e-d in a span of about 45 seconds) they are very loving.

HOUSE STUFF: There has been exactly zero movement on the nursery. It’s still got gold carpet from the ’70s and no baby furniture whatsoever. Plans, however, include hardwood and, well, baby furniture.

Oh, and THIS: My belly button grosses me out.

7 thoughts on “21 weeks

  1. Exciting stuff! From what I’ve heard from my friends with kiddos, a body pillow is an absolute must for sleeping. Hell, I’m not even close to pregnant and I love to sleep with one!

  2. HUGE GINORMOUS CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful that baby is a boy!! and I absolutely love that the first time you felt him kick was on your wedding night. Something magical and special about that and that it was the first night that the three of you spent together as a family! So beautiful! 

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