Wedding Wednesday: The Couple

Wedding Wednesday is a chance for me to show off a few of my favorite wedding photos each week. This week’s photos are by Ashley Julian Photography. For privacy’s sake, I’m doing my best to keep these posts free of faces-who-aren’t-me (as limiting as that might be).

5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Couple

  1. Post more, post more! Look how beautiful you look!!! I love all of these, but the top left is especially perfect. 

    Also, I love the bracelet/rope thingy you have on your wrist. Is that leather? It’s fantastic!

    1. Thank you! The top left photo is one of my favorites. My little town is so adorable. 🙂

      My “bracelet” is actually a set of long necklaces made of small plastic beads that I wrapped around my wrist until they wouldn’t fall off, ha!

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