27 weeks

So much for the “somewhat regular basis” I mentioned last time. Whoops. Also, I wish I had better pictures to share. But here’s the thing: I don’t. Because here’s how my days go: Get up, get ready for work, rush to get to work on time, work, come home and spend the rest of the day exhausted. The only time I’d be ok with being in front of a camera is during that “rush to get to work on time” part.

So it goes.

Anyway, I’m now almost 27 weeks pregnant. The picture above was taken Saturday, August 27 – I was closer to 26 weeks at that point. Whatever.

HOW FAR ALONG: 27 weeks… ish.

HOW BIG IS HE: 9.5-10 ounces, and about 2 pounds. Hooooooollllllly moly.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: At my last doctor’s appointment, I was up a total of 14 pounds. But, that was three weeks ago, so who knows.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Ohhhhh, yes. I’m fully embracing the maternity tops, and have found some pretty good deals online. Still holding out on the maternity pants, though, and am rubberbanding my jeans for as long as possible.

STRETCH MARKS: Still nope! Hooray!

SLEEP: I had my first really horrible night of sleep this week, and it’s been rough ever since. It doesn’t matter what position I get into or how many pillows I use, I’m still just plain ol’ uncomfortable.

MOVEMENT: Guys? This kid is crazy. It seems like I’m almost constantly feeling him move around, and sometimes he’s so forceful it’s almost scary. The other day at work, my coworker (and good friend) was able to feel him and she yelled, “I SAW him, too!” It feels like he’s got a basketball in there with him and he’s bouncing it against my insides.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Little, random things here and there. Hot Tamales, for example. And I’ve been eating a LOT of popsicles. Also, Fruit Loops.

WHAT I MISS: Wearing my heels comfortably. No back pain. Sleeping on my stomach.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting the nursery set up! P’s older sister graciously handed down her crib and changing table (I was starting to worry about how we were going to pay for the new furniture for Baby), so now I’m all about getting that all set up.

MILESTONES: Well, like I mentioned… we officially have a crib and changing table now. Having that type of furniture in the house makes it even more real, and I love it!

DOG STUFF: I think they’re used to the belly now, because they definitely don’t act like it’s any big deal. I have to tell them quite often actually, to GET THE FUCK OFF MY STOMACH!

HOUSE STUFF: Crib! Changing table! P and I cleaned up the basement last weekend, getting ready to move the guest bedroom/office down there to make room for the nursery. As soon as we get furniture moved, we’ll clean that room top to bottom, put up the pet/baby gate and it will, basically, be the nursery. Eek!

Oh, and THIS: I’m really, really tired of the ridiculous “advice” I’ve been getting. Things like, “Having a kid changes your life forever.” Oh, really? I had no idea! Honestly, I know people are trying to be helpful, but NO SHIT having a baby changes your life. It’s not like we’re getting a fucking gerbil or something. Ugh.

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10 thoughts on “27 weeks

  1. You are too cute.

    Also, I’m amazed at how pregnant women handle all the advice that comes their way. I’d likely lose my mind if everyone I encountered everywhere I went decided to offer me friendly advice on mommy hood.

    1. Sometimes, I feel like I’m THISCLOSE to losing my mind from all the “helpful” advice.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for listening to advice that is truly helpful and insightful. But the sarcastic, know-it-all comments? I could do without. “YOU JUST WAIT.” Yeah, just wait until I punch you in the face.

  2. Hey, I was searching for “procrastination” and your blog post on that topic came up on the first page. You write well. 

    I just wanted to ask you a question: If you eat a lot of sugar during your pregnancy, wouldn’t that sugar be passed on to the kid and make him/her hyperactive – inside the womb?

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