29 weeks

Taken Friday, September 16. Also, GO COUGS!

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks. I’m officially in my third trimester!

HOW BIG IS HE: Something like 16 inches long and 2.7 pounds.


MATERNITY CLOTHES: Good grief, yes. I’m carrying so high that a lot of my regular pants/jeans I can still wear, which is GREAT. I got my first pair of maternity jeans online from Old Navy, and am waiting for an exchange to go through because they’re a size too small… I can’t wait to wear them though!

STRETCH MARKS: None, hooray!

SLEEP: Yes, please. My energy levels are pretty good right now, but I’d love to get a full night’s sleep without having to get up two or three times to shuffle to the bathroom.

MOVEMENT: All. the. time. He’s strong, too… the phrase, “The baby is kicking my ass again” has become a staple in my everyday language.

Baby/pet gate!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Nothing weird, no crazy food combinations or anything like that. I just want food… as long as the heartburn isn’t killing me, anyway.

WHAT I MISS: I miss not being uncomfortable all the time. You know?

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting rid of the heartburn!

MILESTONES: Like I mentioned, I’m officially in the third trimester. That’s a pretty big milestone! My doctor’s appointments are going from every four weeks to every two weeks… that means the end is in sight, people!

DOG STUFF: The dogs mostly just piss me off all the time now. Their shedding is a serious problem when it comes to my nesting.

HOUSE STUFF: We finally got the pet gate up we got as a wedding gift – no more puppies allowed in the nursery! (They’re not too fond of that.) That means we can officially do a deep cleaning of the carpet and lay down the area rugs we got, too. That plus the new drapes we hung will make the room a much better home for Baby.

Oh, and THIS: Can I just be done being pregnant already? I am so tired of the back pain, the ribs out of place, the heartburn. Complainnnnn, complain, complain.

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11 thoughts on “29 weeks

    1. Thanks, Ashley 🙂

      The end IS in sight, but it’s weird… during the summer I was all like, “OHMYGOD December is right around the corner, we’re never going to have everything ready in time!” Now I’m all like, “OHMYGOD IS DECEMBER EVER GOING TO GET HERE?!” 

    1. I love that you said I’m tiny 🙂 A woman I work with (and a good friend of mine) has told me, quite frequently, that I am “huge” and “still have so long to go!” So there’s that.

      Looking forward to sharing our little guy!

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