29 weeks

Taken Friday, September 16. Also, GO COUGS!

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks. I’m officially in my third trimester!

HOW BIG IS HE: Something like 16 inches long and 2.7 pounds.


MATERNITY CLOTHES: Good grief, yes. I’m carrying so high that a lot of my regular pants/jeans I can still wear, which is GREAT. I got my first pair of maternity jeans online from Old Navy, and am waiting for an exchange to go through because they’re a size too small… I can’t wait to wear them though!

STRETCH MARKS: None, hooray!

SLEEP: Yes, please. My energy levels are pretty good right now, but I’d love to get a full night’s sleep without having to get up two or three times to shuffle to the bathroom.

MOVEMENT: All. the. time. He’s strong, too… the phrase, “The baby is kicking my ass again” has become a staple in my everyday language.

Baby/pet gate!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Nothing weird, no crazy food combinations or anything like that. I just want food… as long as the heartburn isn’t killing me, anyway.

WHAT I MISS: I miss not being uncomfortable all the time. You know?

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting rid of the heartburn!

MILESTONES: Like I mentioned, I’m officially in the third trimester. That’s a pretty big milestone! My doctor’s appointments are going from every four weeks to every two weeks… that means the end is in sight, people!

DOG STUFF: The dogs mostly just piss me off all the time now. Their shedding is a serious problem when it comes to my nesting.

HOUSE STUFF: We finally got the pet gate up we got as a wedding gift – no more puppies allowed in the nursery! (They’re not too fond of that.) That means we can officially do a deep cleaning of the carpet and lay down the area rugs we got, too. That plus the new drapes we hung will make the room a much better home for Baby.

Oh, and THIS: Can I just be done being pregnant already? I am so tired of the back pain, the ribs out of place, the heartburn. Complainnnnn, complain, complain.

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