Oh, right. (See also: Oh, shit.)

I am, approximately, 30 weeks pregnant.

For those of you not-so-pregnant-savvy people out there, 40 weeks is considered full-term. That means I’ve got about 10 weeks to go. 2 ½ months-ish.

When I think about that in terms of my pregnancy, it seems like f-o-r(fucking)e-v-e-r. Pregnancy and I just haven’t really gotten along. There were a few weeks when I really enjoyed it, but overall it’s just made me stabby. Early on, I felt fat (and not pregnant) and was sick and exhausted all the time. Now, I feel fat (AND pregnant) and am sick and effing uncomfortable all the time. Hey, Kaci? You’re pregnant.

Oh, right.

I know. All my complaints kind of come with the territory. I’m just tired of being pregnant and despite knowing I should enjoy this part (and, hell, every part) while I can , a big part of me is just plain ready to meet our Little Man. But, we have to wait 2 ½ months.

Oh, shit.

That means in 2 ½ months, I’ll be on maternity leave. That means in 2 ½ months, our income will be significantly cut.

{Beautiful Swear Words}

It’s a bit of an obvious thought, but Pregnancy Brain is a real-fucking-thing and it actually just hit me this weekend that I WON’T BE RECEIVING ANY INCOME FOR WAY TOO GODDAMN LONG.


We’ve been saving. Wait, who the hell am I kidding? We haven’t (really) been saving, but we have been being more careful about our spending and what we’re spending it on. But when your income is already significantly cut because your husband has been laid off since July, it gets a little tricky.

Half of me says: We’ll be fine. We have a few options, and I’m lucky enough to have some money stashed away.

The other half of me? Is freaking. the fuck. out.

I can take up to 12 weeks off work for maternity leave. Presently, I’m planning on taking about 8 weeks off. It’s not enough time, especially when I have more time available… but we can’t afford for me to be not working (and not getting paid) for three months. (Unless by some miracle P is back to work, in which case we might be able to swing it so PLEASE GOD PLEASE make that happen for us, mmm k?) So, I plan on working up to Thanksgiving, and I’ll be going back to work sometime in mid-ish-January… at which time I’ll have to take my approximately-two-month-old son to some sort of daycare.

Oh, shit.

3 thoughts on “Oh, right. (See also: Oh, shit.)

  1. I can’t imagine how REAL it all must feel. And I’ve heard about pregnancy brain. It does very much exist, as I can attest from how endearingly clueless my best friend was when she was pregnant. Deep breaths…hopefully things work themselves out for you guys so you can get those full 12 weeks at home with your little man.

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