33 weeks

Holy shit, y’all. 33 weeks. 33 weeks! I’m getting a little antsy over here. (Understatement of the century.) The last few weeks have been pretty rough on me, both physically and emotionally. I’m looking forward to the end of the burning ribs.

HOW FAR ALONG: 33 weeks. Feels like 33 MONTHS. Sigh.

HOW BIG IS HE: Somewhere around 4-4.5 pounds and 19-19.5 inches. The whole discussion around the baby’s size really cracks me up. I can’t tell you how many places I’ve read that since he’s getting bigger now, and running out of room in there, his movement will probably diminish a bit and I won’t feel him moving around as much. LIES. ALL LIES. He is moving and kicking and beating me more than ever!



STRETCH MARKS: I did actually spot a few the other day on my upper thigh, right below my butt. TMI? Too bad.

SLEEP: Oh, sleep. I miss sleep. Any night I only wake up less than three times is a GOOD night. One night last week, I slept for almost 5 consecutive hours and when I woke up I thought for SURE I was reading the clock wrong.

MOVEMENT: Like I said earlier, he is moving all the time. He’s gotten long enough that his little feet can comfortably reach my ribs, and so in addition to the almost constant dull ache I feel there, sometimes I also get a sharp jab, usually on my left side. He’s a stinker!

FOOD CRAVINGS: My appetite has actually seriously declined the last few weeks – I just don’t have room in there for much food anymore.

WHAT I MISS: Sleeping on my stomach. Being able to sit up.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Baby showers! I have one on October 22 at my sister’s, and another on October 26, hosted by my coworkers.

MILESTONES: I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where my doc wants to see me every two weeks, as opposed to every four weeks.

DOG STUFF: They do NOT like being locked out of the nursery (formerly the office). It’s the only room in the house that still has carpet, and I think they miss that.

HOUSE STUFF: Speaking of the nursery… it’s finally a nursery! All the office furniture got moved to the basement (where the new office will be… eventually) last week, so now instead of an office with a crib in the corner, we actually have a nursery! It’s bare, but I know it will fill up after the baby showers. At this very moment, I’m waiting for the carpet to dry from the intense shampooing it got last night. Once it’s dry, we’ll put in the area rugs we got. I can’t wait!

Oh, and THIS: Sweartogod, thinking about maternity leave stresses me out to no end. So, I don’t.

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