Pinterest Inspiration: Baby Stuff

Have you heard of Pinterest yet? Are you ON Pinterest yet? (Beware: It can be a bit addictive. You’ve been warned.)

I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I’ve been lucky enough to not have fallen into the black hole of Pinterest Addiction, but I am a big fan. I’ve found a LOT of really helpful stuff there – like recipes, home decor, DIY, baby stuff… the list goes on. I’ve even used it to sort recipes I still want to try as opposed to recipes I’ve made in the past and know I like.

Anyway. I wanted to share some baby-related stuff I’ve found on Pinterest that I fully intend on incorporating into our lives.

New Baby/New Mom Necklace

Turning diaper boxes into storage bins

Saving greeting cards - I'll be doing this with our wedding cards AND baby shower (etc.) cards

Fall-themed maternity photo

Maternity - before & after 🙂

What are some of your favorite Pinterest finds? What are some of your favorite boards to follow? I’m always looking for more!