Current book(s): I haven’t actually started reading it yet (maybe tomorrow?), but Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.

Current playlist: Umm, anything including the song “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton. Good grief.

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: I’m pregnant, therefore I don’t feel guilty about ANYTHING I do. (It’s funny because it’s true.)

Current color: I’ve really been digging navy blue lately, which is weird because I’m usually not into blue much.

Current drink: ICE WATER. I can’t get enough.

Current food: Not a whole lot of anything, actually. This whole five-weeks-to-go-in-my-pregnancy thing has left very little room in my tummy, so even when I do eat, it’s literally only 5-10 bites and I’m F-U-L-L. Zero fun, sir.

Current favorite show: I don’t know that it’s a favorite, per se, but we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. I like it, but it stresses me out.

Current wishlist: One of these…

Current need(s): See above.

Current bane(s) of my existence: Nausea. I’ve been so sick to my stomach the last few weeks, MUCH worse than I ever was when “morning sickness” is supposed to be so prevalent in a pregnancy.

Current celebrity crush: Um? Johnny Depp, always Johnny Depp.

Current outfit: Camo pajama pants and a grey WSU hoodie. I look HAWT.

Current excitement: We have our first childbirth class tomorrow night!

Current link: IwanttogobackhereI’msoexcitedforChristmasomg.

Questions totes yoinked from Megan.

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