Reverb11: December 6-10

DECEMBER 6: List 10 things you would never do. (via Katrina)

I’m a little bit of a believer that you should never say “never,” but for the sake of the question, I’ll give it a shot.

      1. I’ll never sky dive, bungee jump, or do anything else “recreational” that involves extreme heights. Crazy people.
      2. I’ll (probably) never live in the city.
      3. I’ll (definitely) never prefer cats over dogs.
      4. I’ll never break your heart, I’ll never make you cry.
      5. I’ll never be the type of wife who waits on her husband hand and foot (unless he’s seriously injured or something).
      6. I’ll never be the type of mother who waits on her children hand and food (unless they’re seriously injured or something). There will be CHORES!
      7. I’ll never say no to chips and salsa.
      8. I’ll never be a scrapbooker. Unfortunately.
      9. I’ll never not love Johnny Depp.
      10. I’ll never be a runner.

DECEMBER 7: Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose, and why? Slapstick, dry witty comedy, your kids, Monty Python? (via Kassie)

I’m pretty easy. Aside from what I like to call “stupid humor” (think Dumb & Dumber here, people), and derogatory (sexist/racist) “jokes,” I’ll pretty much laugh at anything.

DECEMBER 8: Why blog? Why do you or why do you like to blog (recognizing that these are not always the same thing)? (via Kristen)

This. This is why I blog. (See also: love and heart boners.)

DECEMBER 9: What was your favorite children’s book? (via Niki)

BSC. That is all.

DECEMBER 10: What is the best and/or worst thing about your life right now? (via Dana)

There is so. much. good in my life right now, I don’t even know where to begin. (And, I promise, I’m not trying to sugar-coat anything in an effort to make my life seem all glittery and perfect. See the next paragraph for the not-so-perfect stuff.) I’m married to a man who gets me and who I know, no matter what, will always be there. We have a beautiful, healthy son who takes my breath away every time I look at him. We own our home, have loving, loyal dogs and incredibly supportive families. I have a job I LOVE, and get to work with people I LOVE.

But there’s also the not-so-pretty side of life. My husband and I may love each other to pieces, but we… have disagreements. We argue about the stupidest shit sometimes, and sometimes we argue about arguing. It’s no fun, and the stresses of having a newborn at home with us don’t make it any easier. (We’re both tired and I don’t know about you, but I get GRUMP.Y. when I’m tired.) And then there’s the whole postpartum thing. (See what Bri and Hillary have to say on postpartum, because they say it better than I can.) Our house is never (NEVER) as clean as I’d like. My tailbone hurts like a mother.

“Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.”

This year, I’m taking part in #reverbbroads11. See my #reverb10 posts from last year: Reflect & Manifest: 2010

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