Shit They Don’t Tell You, Vol. II

There’s a ton of books, websites, blogs and other resources out there for parents and expectant mothers, full of advice on what to expect and what to do and how to prepare for baby.

They tell you about the pains of pregnancy, the pains of labor and birth, the pains of recovery and the pains of postpartum. They tell you warning signs of pre-term labor, how to tell if you’re actually in actual labor, and how you might (gasp!) pee or poop during delivery. They tell you that you might get stitches down there because of the ripping/tearing, that hormones are still going crazy even after your pregnancy is over, and that breastfeeding isn’t always easy.

But there’s a lot of shit they don’t tell you. This is some of that.

They don’t tell you that pregnancy and motherhood, especially as a first-timer, so so damn difficult. And they don’t tell you that when you see your child smiling and laughing, it makes all the tough stuff seem so much less important. Like, not at all important.

Okay, so I’m a liar and they actually do tell you that. You just won’t believe it until you live it.

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