Oh, How Pinteresting! (4)

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Oh, Pinterest. It’s a scary little piece of social media – I’m finding my online world colliding head-first with my IRL world. Family members have found me on Pinterest, which links both to my blog and Twitter. Neat! I finally said, fuck it, and put my blog URL on my Facebook profile and added Networked Blogs.

MOVING ON. Pinterest is fun.


I need some sort of schedule to keep my sanity. I think this one would work, except I definitely have to clean our floors more often than once a week.
When (if?) we finally (ever?) get our guest bedroom/my office set up in the basement - with a new floor because the carpet is awful - I would LOVE something like this. Love.
My friend, Katherine, makes me awesome glitter shoes. She has an Etsy shop and you should check it out.
I've been dreaming about a salad like this for DAYS.
Funny - though it might be more funny to me if my husband wasn't the one who usually cooks for us. (He's a keeper.)
FUCKING PERFECT. A place to hang purses. The chair/desk/COMPUTER IS RIGHT THERE. I die. I can't even imagine what the area for shoes looks like.

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