Spring break, growing up, and holy shit am I an adult?

When I was in high school, I remember thinking how awful growing up sounded because, um, no more spring break? No summer vacation? HOW WOULD I EVER SURVIVE?!

Then I went to college and had to, horror of all horrors, take summer classes so I could graduate on time. That was my first summer vacationless summer. (But, I still had my spring break, so it was all good.)

THEN I GRADUATED from college and went to work at the newspaper and lost all forms of breaks and vacations. Depending on what days holidays fell, I even had to work on holidays. It, in a nutshell, sucked.

Then I started my current job… and All Of The Vacations came back! Four days for Thanksgiving! Two weeks for Christmas! Spring break! Three-day weekends all summer! Yes, yes, yessssss!

And then.

And then.

I started realizing how different my spring breaks are now compared to then.

Then: Spring break to visit my bff in LA!

Now: Monday of spring break spent baking cinnamon rolls!

Then: Party party party party SPRINGBREAKPARTYOMGWOOOOO!!!!!!

Now: Tired at 6:30 pm. In bed by 8:00 pm.

Then: What day is it?

Now: What day is it?

Well I guess one thing hasn’t changed.

Which all leads me to ask, when the hell did I grow up? I mean, let’s be honest. I have a spreadsheet to track our bills. Also, they are “our” bills, not “my” bills. About a month ago, I realized I was too busy/tired/overwhelmed to even clean the house, so I hired a (high school student) house cleaner. Side note: It’s wonderful.

Honestly, I just completely lost my whole point. Babies will do that to a girl.

So, to sum it up? I love spring break, and holy shit I’m an adult.

Or something.


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