Hobbies. I miss them.

I’d totally attempt surfing if I lived near the ocean. And, you know, if I weren’t also too scared of drowning and death. And sharks. And jelly fish!

Simone wrote a post recently about things she feels like she should like but doesn’t, and it got me thinking. I don’t really have a list of things I don’t like but feel like I should… but there are a LOT of things I LOVE but don’t have time and/or energy to do them anymore.

So, here are some of them.

Exhibit I: Blogging

Oh, blogging. Writing. Reading. Interacting. I miss blogging itself, but also all the little social media bits that come with blogging, like Twitter! And I wish I had more time for Instagram now that it’s available on Android. By the time I get off work every day, I’m wiped. out. I miss having the energy to actively engage in the blogging community. There are so many fantastic blogs out there, run by fantastic people, and I miss them. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.


Exhibit II: Family & Friends

Aside from my work friends, whom I see every day (because I have to, you know, work), and my in-laws who are within a few minutes’ drive… I don’t see my family or friends much. And, by the way? IT SUCKS. I miss my mom. I miss my sister and brother and nieces and their families. LIKE WHOA.

Exhibit III: Games

If it weren’t for Angry Birds and Scramble/Words With Friends on my phone (and my phone being the only one-handed form of entertainment I can handle while nursing E) I wouldn’t get to play any games at all. I used to play all kinds of games online  and it’s really kind of a bummer that I haven’t been able to for so long. I miss my Sims family!

Exhibit … 4 (IV? I never was any good at Roman numerals): Husband

I love, love, love my life right now, but if there’s one thing I would do differently if given the chance… I’d definitely choose to have more married time with P before our son was born. Sometimes I can’t help but feel like I’m neglecting the hell out of him, and even though all my focus is on our child, I feel a bit guilty about not giving P the attention he deserves. (And boy, does he deserve it. Have I mentioned lately that he basically saved my sanity and life during the first couple months of E’s life? Cuz yeah. He did. Gotta give credit where credit is due.)


I used to do my nails. I’d switch out my purse daily to match my clothes. I would actually GET BORED of the internet. I definitely took alone time for granted. I would go shopping just to look at stuff (as opposed to running frantically through a store trying to get everything on my list as fast as humanly possible) BECAUSE I HAD TIME (AND ENERGY) TO DO THAT. I drove fast because it was fun, not because I was perpetually 15 minutes late.

What do you wish you had more time and energy to do?

Photo: Fathzer