To raise a man

I get to raise a man. I have to raise a man.

Raising E is both a privilege and a responsibility… something I am proud to do, but also something I know I must do the right way. I don’t mean “right” as in “correct,” but “right” as in “good.”

I have to raise a good man. I have to raise a kind man. I have to raise an intelligent, understanding, gentle, smart, funny man.

I have to. But I also get to.


I get to teach him to be strong, but gentle. To be empathetic and understanding. To be kind. To treat women with respect. To treat men with respect.

I get to teach him that love is love, regardless of color or gender.

I get to teach him that we all make mistakes, and that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you own up to them instead of trying to cover them up.

I get to teach him that words can and do hurt – sometimes more than pain any weapon can cause – and that words should be used carefully.

I get to show him how to dream big and reach for the stars. That nothing is impossible, but that to get what he wants out of life he’s going to have to work really hard to get it. But that it will be worth it.

I get to teach him that nothing in life is permanent. I get to show him how to appreciate the little things as well as the big things.

I get to raise a man.

Awhile ago, I read a beautiful piece that Tia wrote about her daughter. This was inspired by that.

4 thoughts on “To raise a man

  1. Beautiful! What a lovely, heartwarming post to read, especially after a few days of hard times and bad news all over the place. He’s a sweet, gorgeous little boy, and he’s lucky to have you as his momma.

  2. Hi Kaci….my first time here, but I like what you’ve done with the place! 😉

    You’re absolutely right; there is just something distinctive about raising a boy. I felt it the moment I knew that I was pregnant with a boy, ’cause having one daughter, that made a ‘girl mom’, right??

    Their DNA is definitely all their own. I thought I would be a progressive little mom and not let her boy play with toy guns. But when he was two, I looked over during lunch and he had literally chewed a graham cracker into the shape of a gun and was shootin’ the place up. :). There were other times when my husband disagreed with me, Telling me to let him be a boy. I’m glad I did stand back now & then and let my Husband makes some of the boy decisions. Lol I’ve actually overheard guys laughing about guy things where I would’ve made the ‘laughed at’ choice, so I guess I always encourage young mom’s to listen to their husbands on the guy topics, because they have been boys. 🙂

    My kids are 15 and 16, and I’ll be sure to announce really loudly when parenting gets really easy. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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