Warning: contents may cause head to explode.

Turns out, my job is good for something. OK that’s an understatement – anyone that knows me knows I love my job. But on top of the obvious perks (i.e. $$$$$$$$$… though maybe not quite that many dollar signs are applicable here), work at the E-green allows me to find the news before a lot of the people I know.

Moreover, it allows me to get pissed at the news before a lot of the people I know.

Take, for example, this story I found yesterday on the wire (and later ran on a wire page, thanks to our beloved assistant news editor Andy Jones) regarding a county in Georgia that has plans in the works to turn the schools in its district into single-sex schools.

It’s like a bomb went off in my head and my brain splattered against the whiteboard behind me.

Are you fucking kidding me? *insert brain splattering sound here*

OK first of all, I really wish I understood how separating boys from girls in schools is going to decrease the pregnancy rate – unless, of course, high schoolers (and god forbid middle schoolers) are getting pregnant while in class these days. But, as I noted in the newsroom amid my irritation, if that’s the case then we have an entirely different problem on our hands.

And what the shit is this? “Boys won’t misbehave as much because they will no longer be trying to impress the girls, and the girls will be more likely to speak up in class because they won’t be afraid to look smart in front of the boys.”

Splatter, splatter.

Even Leonard Sax, the guy in charge of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, things this is a bad idea (my wording) and illegal (in the story).

Someone in the newsroom – either Allison or Melanie (sorry, I suffer from rage blackouts) – said something about how everybody was going to join band and I just about pissed myself. From laughing. That’s how much of my brain could be found splattered behind me… I was delirious.

Also, tell me why it matters that the majority of the “longtime residents are black and working class”?


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