Know of a house for sale?

I mean, in the town I live in currently.

And if you could meet the following specifics (at minimum), that’d be great, too:

  • Three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet
  • Two bathrooms
  • An office
  • Two car garage
  • Separate shop of… a good size for a shop (I don’t know or really care, I wouldn’t use it)
  • Big, open floor layout (kitchen, dining room, living room open)
  • A kitchen with lots of storage space
  • Two floors wouldn’t be a bad thing
  • A large, fenced yard
  • OR, say, about five acres
  • Deck/patio in the back
  • Enclosed back “porch” or laundry room or something (so we can install a doggie door but still have a door into the rest of the house that we can lock, y’know?)
  • I wouldn’t complain about stainless steel appliances in the kitchen
  • An underground sprinkler system
  • Preferrably on the outskirts of town, if not completely out in the “country” (anyone else ever notice how weird that phrase really is?)
  • Central AC/heat

I could go on. Also if you’d be willing to sell for, say, $80,000 and let us pay you directly (no loans, please), that’d be great, thanks!

… if you can’t tell, I’m damn tired of this house shack shithole we’re living in. No offense if you’re white trash, but… I feel like white trash. In a house blanketed in dust because the sand dunes are right frickin’ there, which really wouldn’t be so bad if the seals and whatnot weren’t so horrible on every window and the one door (yeah, we don’t even have a back door, how safe is that?!) in the house.


Tell me how first time home buyers, who aren’t married and have two car loans they’re paying off, are supposed to get a loan for a house. Tell me. PLEASE!

I mean, not that we’ve even really tried. Because I know as soon as I hear “no” from a bank I’m going to burst into tears. frickfrickfrickfrick

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  1. I would love to buy a house! Unfortunately it’s not possible, here in SA you have to put down 20% of the house’s cost to be able to buy it. And houses aren’t cheap! *sigh*

    I hope you find something that’s perfect for you guys! And that you get a loan!

  2. Why not just get married???


    I know what you are going thru! Our first house was a piece. But we worked our way up… quickly… because we didnt want to stay in a piece. It is possible to start out ‘cheap’ and then upgrade. Brian and Nikki are having issues finding their house/land too.

    You will get there. It is really difficult, esp when you dont have help. I ended up not being able to look at houses because I would fall in love with whatever I looked at, and then would get heartbroken when we couldnt get it for whatever reason.

    This year seems like a good one to buy, with the stimulus package and cheaper prices on houses. If Jesse or I can help, let us know!

  3. We once bought a house. We had to sell it when we moved here for my grad school. And so we moved out of our beautiful 3-bedroom home with a fenced in yard for our dog to a 2-bedroom townhouse with a small patio area for the dog.

    We’re moving to a rental house this summer and I. Cannot. Wait. It has been a LONG two years.

  4. You’re setting your sights pretty high, kiddo. What you should do is talk to a mortgage broker and find out what you can afford without getting your soft parts in the wringer. Annie Shannon at Evergreen Home Loans is a good person to talk to. Her dad did our mortgage, and I never thought we’d get one in a million years. They know the paper well; just tell them I recommended them to you.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I guess I wrote this a little more seriously than I thought/intended. Perhaps I should have written something like “sell it for $15,000” or some other amount, because $80,000 sounds just as ridiculous to me.

    This post was written as an ideal, not at all what I expect or even hope to find. And we’re not even seriously looking.

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