Shit They Don’t Tell You: You’re a grown ass woman. Do what you want. And, most importantly, baby books are evil.

Sometimes the things you’re not “supposed” to do are some of the best things you could do.

Some of my best, most favorite moments with my son are those spent in bed with him. Yes, you read that correctly. He sleeps with us in our bed, and that’s definitely something we “shouldn’t” do. I’ve heard it a thousands tones and honestly, I’m over it. I don’t care if you think babies shouldn’t sleep with their parents. Here’s an idea: Don’t let your baby sleep with you. End of story. Moving on…

Nothing tops waking up and looking over to see my son waking up next to me. His smiles first thing in the morning have no competition. He gets this look of complete and utter adoration that makes my heart simultaneously swell beyond all recognition and collapse into itself at the same time. He looks at me as if he knows me and suddenly all my worries melt away. Every time.

I tweeted this yesterday:

Movie in bed with the kiddo. This might be my favorite part of life ever.
Kaci Johanna

And damn, it really got me thinking. So, a couple minutes later, I tweeted this as well.

(And then I lost my whole sense of direction with this post because all I can think about is my son’s giggle.)

Guys? The whole point of this is to tell you that one thing they don’t tell you is to ignore what everybody else says and thinks about how you should parent your children. Use some common sense, PUT DOWN THOSE RIDICULOUS BABY BOOKS BECAUSE THEY’LL ONLY MAKE YOU QUESTION EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. THING. and do your best.

Seriously those baby books are maybe the worst things ever invented. You will read them as the holy truth and compare everything your kid does to what is written in those pages and sometimes you’ll think your kid’s a genius but mostly you’ll live in fear because your child isn’t sitting up when the book says he should and he’s definitely not crawling yet and OMG DOES THAT MEAN HE CAN’T EAT SOLIDS YET?!

Eff that.

3 thoughts on “Shit They Don’t Tell You: You’re a grown ass woman. Do what you want. And, most importantly, baby books are evil.

  1. Good post, Kaci, and some that definitely has me thinking, even though we don’t have kids yet (and aren’t planning on having them for a while.) I’ve always been someone who thought that you do what you do that works for YOU, not everybody else, and you’re proving that here.

    Keep up the good work, and enjoy the little moments with your son!

  2. Whatever. Sleeping with your kid in the bed just makes so much sense to me. You’ve got mommy sense, so you’re not gonna crush him and damn if it doesn’t make middle of the night feedings way freakin’ easier (or so I’ve heard anyway). Yay for raising your son your way!

  3. Love this! I’m not at the point of babies yet, but I have been trying to apply this way of thinking to wedding planning whenever someone tries to tell me one more thing I “just have to have.” Nope! I don’t have to have anything but my groom, thanks. Individually wrapped baby unicorn favours be damned!

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