Technology 1, my mom 0

I love my mother, but  I had a phone conversation today I wish I would have paid more attention to memorizing verbatim so I could more accurately blog about it. But (1) I was at work and (2) I was too busy trying not to laugh at her.

My mom is not the most technologically advanced person you’ll ever meet. Somehow, over the course of my lifetime, I’ve been deemed the techy one in the family and, well, I’m far from it.

But while I was at work today, she called to tell me one thing or another about a credit card I have (and apparently my bank still sends stuff to her house even though I’ve changed my address with them) and proceeded to have the following (more or less) conversastion with me:

Mom: A friend is going to come over with her laptop so I can help her. She’s been having troubles checking her email.

Me: Ohh, that’s cool. Too bad your wireless internet isn’t set up.

Mom: Well we’re just going to plug her computer in here, and I’ll show her on that.

Me: (thinking she meant they would plug the DSL cord into the laptop) Hmm, that might be kind of tricky. I’m not sure if that would work like that…

Mom: Well when she’s at home she just plugs her laptop in, you know, to the outlet in the wall, and it works.

Me: …

Mom: She just plugs it in.

Me: You know that’s the power cord, right, and that doesn’t get you online?

Mom: Oh.

Me: You know computers work without the internet, right?

Mom: Oh.

Me: But you need the internet to check email and stuff.

Mom: Oh…

Mom: Maybe that’s why she’s been having trouble checking her email.

I love my mom, but sometimes talking to her makes my brain hurt.

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  1. Bwahahaha I love it! My mom used to be the same way…and still is, to an extent. But she’s really taken charge of her technology-savviness, and has been learning how to do cool stuff all on her own. Anyway, great post! I love my 20SB feed. 🙂

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