Wherein I almost cry at work.

Sure, the day started out good enough. Even the 2+ hour drive back to Pullman by myself from Pasco didn’t bother me. I left feeling (more than) a bit guilty for not having seen my sister or nieces since Friday, but I told myself I’d be back in a week-ish.

But then I get to the newsroom and everybody’s apparently in the bitch cycle of their PMS. There was a certain air about everybody – save Allison, bless her – that said, “Don’t fucking talk back to me or I’m gonna make you regret it.”

I didn’t. But apparently nobody else likes the days nights to go smoothly.

So budget takes forever and sure, I’m irritated, but I’ll sit there quietly for a few minutes before getting into an argument and further ruining the high I was coming down from after finally seeing Keatyn, Shaylee and Velvet.

Despite my avoidance, the high didn’t last long.

I got a text that made me feel uber-guilty, a certain Evergreener isn’t doing his/her job the way he/she should and then a certain editor (understandably, really) politely, though strongly, urges me to redo half of one of my pages.


But add that to the mood swings brought on by “that time of the month,” the fact that I had to say goodbye to Peter today (I swear, we’re always saying goodbye) and that I had to come back to Pullman at all (I’d really rather just not come back here, ever)… it’s a surprise that I didn’t break down in tears.

I’ve taken the liberty to include a really cute picture of my really cute nieces and then one of my really cute puppy-in-waiting, because they brighten my day and never fail to make me smile.

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