How to De-Clutter Your Life

Hi there! My name is Abby, and I blog at Dirt on the Rocks.

Organization is kind of a drag, right? Or maybe it’s not, but maybe you’re busy or “clean out your closet” is just really low on your priority list. I’m a parent of a toddler, which basically means that no matter how organized I am or try to be, it’s a challenge since I am constantly cleaning and putting things away.

My 3-year-old is constantly running around and creating a huge mess. To be honest I have never been skilled at organizing or putting things away, and really prefer to leave things where I feel like it. However, being disorganized means that I frequently misplace many of my favorite earrings, lipsticks, and even important documents that should instead be filed.

One day I was looking around on Pinterest, and I was amazed by these amazing small spaces that were so carefully decorated and organized. That gave me the motivation I needed start cleaning my own place and find better ways to organize my space so that I do not always have clutter everywhere.

Between a full-time job, part-time school schedule, and a family at home, weeknights are exhausting. I typically free time on the weekends cleaning up our space, but since I’m now in classes over the weekend, I’d falling even further behind. Somehow, in the middle of everything, I found a few tricks that help me stay organized, and hope that they help you too.

How to De-Clutter Your Life

  • Trash it – The less you have, the less chance of clutter collecting in your space, right? One of the biggest reasons people become disorganized is that their spaces are filled with so much junk to begin with. This starts by cleaning out purses and pockets and leaving things wherever you were when you did so. To conquer this, trash what you can immediately — receipts, mail, wrappers, random notes, etc. If there’s no reason to keep it, trash it. If there is a reason to keep it (receipts or mail), put it somewhere you’ll remember to sort/deal with it. Do not be scared to throw anything away. The reason some people become hoarders is because they think they always have to save everything.
  • Space for it – If you are planning to keep things, those things need a designated space. You should have designated space for the little things the same way you do for big things like dishes and linens. You have an area for your kitchenware and therefore, you should have space for your other things.  Label everything, at least mentally. The moment you label your item you will know where it belongs in your household.
  • Prioritize – Make it a priority to have a happy, clean, and safe environment. Write it into your schedule and get your chores out of the way, freeing up time to do other things.
  • List it – Crossing things off a list is motivating. I know that when I get things done I feel so good about it, and having a productive day is so fulfilling. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a super long list. Start by writing down three things you need to do and know you can accomplish. Cross those things off, then repeat the process. Three things is less overwhelming than twenty things and feels much more realistic of a goal to accomplish.
  • Routine – Make cleaning and organizing part of your daily routine, even if it’s just 20 minutes before you go to bed at night that are spent tidying up. Plan meals so that the time spent wondering what to cook and what you have on hand vanishes and you find an extra half hour in your day. Wash the dishes every evening so that you start your mornings in a clean kitchen. I have carpet at home so I make it a routine that I vacuum at least once or twice a week since I am such a busy person. If you have children teach them to put their toys away after each play time.

Finding ways to fit some type of organization can definitely make your life a lot easier. Piling up all the things you need to deal with will just add up in the end causing a much bigger to do list. It’s much easier to get all the things you need to do out of the way in a very organized and scheduled way.

Abby is 23 and a single mother living in Southern California trying to make ends meet. She loves spending time with her son and constantly learning new things about him as each day passes by. She loves to blog about food and life, and her freelance clients include a Texas-based relocation service, where umovefree complaints are few and far between. Like most single moms, Abby finds that her life experiences can be both daunting and inspiring, but either way, she loves to share her stories.

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