Anger (and a little grace) in small things

Doing thins a bit opposite tonight. Deal with it, I have anger tonight.

Note: I’m not angry, per se, I just have anger and yes there’s a difference.

1. “Bitches” in bright red spray paint displayed, thanks to some punk kid, on the shed of the house left to me by my grandma.

2. Leaving my keys (work, car, house) in my coat in the vehicle Peter drove to work, making him have to take an extended lunch and drive back to Moses to return them to me.
3. Ninja Kitty attacking my arm. Hello, scratch marks.

4. No computer at home. Yeah, still. I really need to do something about that.

5. The dogs? Do. Not. Listen. They run into the road, chase neighborhood dogs, frolick in the field across the street and altogether ignore me.

All that being said… I’m so glad it’s my weekend. I got some new clothes from Maurices (yay!) and am considering going back for some shoes. The financial situation is, surprisingly, looking good and I have multiple ice cream options in the freezer, including mini candy bar ice cream treats. The Twix ones are to DIE for.

Also, I forgot how much I love tv dramas – i.e. Grey’s Anatomy. And now Private Practice.

4 thoughts on “Anger (and a little grace) in small things

  1. Yikes Kiddo!
    It is nice to know that I am not the only one having a bad week. I have anger too. I threw my phone today… I never throw anything! It broke into several pieces but it all works still. So, I must have not thrown it hard enough.
    Aaaannnywho. That sucks about the graffiti. Is your mom taking care of that mess?
    Well, I gotta go. Miss you lots. As always.

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