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Things have been a little crazy around here lately. Hunting season is upon us, so the husband has been spending his spare time preparing for that. E is growing like a weed and has been getting into everything (see also: that cliche parenting question, “Where DOES the time go?!”) and it’s just so fun watching him explore and learn. September at work is always a madhouse.


With four other lovely ladies, I’ve started a new collab blog! I mean, it was Katherine’s brainchild, and she brought the five of us together, but we are all so proud of and excited about From Lemons to Lemondrops!

We’re all experiencing some transitions in our lives right now – from (still) adjusting to mamahood (me), to moving halfway across the country (Katherine), to learning to live in a new country – and will be writing about those life adjustments at From Lemons.

I’ll still be writing here, of course – but I’m hoping From Lemons will allow me to get back to some of my pre-baby blog content here at Kaci Johanna. Remember when I used to find joy in clothes and shoes and things outside of being a mom? Yeah, me too – BARELY.

So anyway, go check it out! But don’t forget about me here.

Also, gratuitous adorable Baby E photo:


SOMEbody likes Oreos.

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