Choices vs. feelings, or something like that


I have a blog.

I posted this earlier today on From Lemons, and actually kind of liked it (despite it being a little disjointed) (and want to stop neglecting my own personal space here), so I’m posting it here, also.


Song on repeat. Feel, think, ignore, repeat. Repeat. Repeat, repeat.

“The Circle of Life.” Fucking Disney, man. “Happily ever after” has been beaten into our heads for so long we think it’s a reality, we think it’s our god-given right.

It’s our choices that define us – not what we want or feel or say or think, but what we actually do with those wants, feelings, words and thoughts.

“Live your bliss.”
“Follow your heart.”
“Dream big.”

These are all things I believe whole-heartedly, passionately.

… If I trust you, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m a different person inside than I appear to be on the outside. That sounds a lot uglier than it is to me in reality, but I guess it’s possible I’m in denial. (Though, I guess it’s also possible I’m schizophrenic and have multiple personalities.)

Song lyrics are often words I fail to come up with on my own. I play them over and over, letting the words wash over me and take me far, far away from the trouble of here. More often than not, I repeat the words verbatim as if I’m speaking to someone… and I lose track of who I’m talking to. Music is my savior and enemy. It speaks to me and puts thoughts in my head.

What do your desires say about you? What about your feelings, words, thoughts?

What about your actions?

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