Completely uninspired

So y’all get a post in bullet form.

  • I’m working on getting a new computer (still) and haven’t had time (yet) to get my laptop looked at. Hopefully within a couple weeks, Pete and I will be the proud owners of a shiny new desktop computer.
  • I’m back home this weekend for some quality time with the bff. It’d been way too long since I’d seen her and I got to meet her boyfriend. Definitely the highlight of my week month year.
  • Work? Has. Been. Crazy. … which is mostly why I haven’t been posting at all. Two weeks ago, we started training for new software in the newsroom and we went live with it Monday. It’s been crazy. Maybe at some point I’ll go into all that in detail… or maybe not. No promises.
  • And… that’s all I got. I’ve been pretty down in the dumps (I hate that phrase, by the way) lately so I’d rather say nothing than whine/bitch/moan/complain and be really annoying.

5 thoughts on “Completely uninspired

  1. thank you for coming to visit for a bit. sorry it wasn’t long, dude. i was definitely not looking forward to a 12 hour drive. and it was snowing here when we got home. but i’m sooo happy i got to see you.


    1. Questo un RPG, Alone in the dark un gioco d’azione.Il paragone non molto rcisiuto.Qui inoltre la grafica gi ottima, direi che gi in partenza questo gioco promette bene. Comunque meglio non fidarsi di niente, che meglio.. : )

      1. q pasada pronto, que creo que ya existira , desde el curro pondras a freir huevos fritos haciendo una llamada!!la verdad como avanza todo, y parece que hace dos dias vimos regredo al futuro y flvmpiaaos!!!

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