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Currently loving every single moment with E. This little man, my son, is easily the best and most beautiful thing to ever come into my life. Despite my complaining about the difficulties of parenthood and being a working mom… it’s all worth it. It’s above and beyond worth it. I could go on and on about how much I love him, how he is the only man I really need in my life, and how this little man has saved my life, but some things are better left kept in my heart, and those things are some of those things. But, he is perfect.

Currently listening to Bruno Mars (It Will Rain) and Christina Perri (A Thousand Years). Cuz I can.

Currently enjoying living in a home with no pets – no dogs, no cats, nothing. THE CLEAN!

Currently learning about myself – the real me, the me behind closed doors, under the makeup. I’m also learning to love that version of Kaci.

Currently looking forward to #BiSC 2013! Registration opens January 14 (a date that’s been on my calendar since it was announced) and I absolutely can. not. effing. wait. I’m super sad that this will be the final Bloggers in Sin City, but I feel like attending the finale will make me feel better about that. I’ve missed my friends, and while I love the internet and blogs and twitter, none of that compares to being in the presence of these fabulous people.

Currently craving a mondo burrito from Taco Del Mar. SHREDDED BEEF. WITH PICO DE GALLO. PLEASE AND THANK YOU. (This recommendation is unsolicited, I just really like those effing burritos.)

Currently watching alllllllll the Sex and the City, and about to jump back into Mad Men now that another season is available on Netflix. Weeeeee!

Currently reading absolutely nothing, and while sometimes that might bother me… it doesn’t. (But I am open to recommendations! What are you reading?)

Currently dreading the return of students. Winter break is such a treat, even when I still am in the office.

Currently pondering lines and limits and give-and-take and compromise… and through the best and the worst, through the difficult and the easy, now and forever.

Currently wishing you all a very happy 2013! (Cheesy, right? But so true!)

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