Grace in Small Things

  1. That new computer smell
  2. The prospect of multiple pairs of new shoes (after a certain pain-in-the-ass dog chewed up about a million… eh, I guess this one’s a bit of a wash)
  3. Might have found a bigger house to rent
  4. The worst part of my job is waking up (I’m not a morning person)… work just doesn’t feel like work to me
  5. I got to watch Grey’s Anatomy AND Private Practice tonight

Oh and hey? I did it. I marked ’em all as read.

And also, I just thought I’d throw in there, to justify the 1,000+… I have FML and Overheard in the Newsroom in my reader. So yeah, that was like, 800 or so there. Not that it matters anymore. I don’t even remember the last time my reader was at zero.

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