On puppies and shoes (but mostly shoes)

They don’t mix.

I’m stating the obvious here, but seriously? They don’t.

Over the course of the past week or two, I’ve lost probably $200 worth of shoes. Maybe more. Including two pairs I bought earlier this week to replace others that had been destroyed. And a pair of BCBG heels (sort of similar to this, only a different print) I found for a steal at Ross.

Two pairs Callie demolished this week:




At least they’re new enough I can buy them again. But I can kiss the one and only BCBG item I’ll ever own goodbye, along with a couple other pairs of heels I haven’t been able to find again.

And this is when I start to feel really bad about how material I can be sometimes, but it makes me want to KILL Callie when she does things like this. I came home last night to at least four pairs, dead, and immediately called the boy to tell him we were selling Callie or I’d be burying her in the back yard (if you can call it that).

Then I look at her and she’s just. so. damn. cute. And I devise a plan to get Pete to buy me more shoes. I guess that’s the upside, right? Shoe shopping? Yeah.

And, getting away from the cheap Payless shoes… want, want and a girl can dream, right?

And wtf.