A weekend getaway

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that I live in the middle of nowhere. For those of you who have never been to my neck of the woods, just please keep in mind that the town population is MAYBE 300 people.

So, every once in awhile it’s nice to get away and, I don’t know, see civilization. And so that’s what we did a couple weekends ago – packed our bags and headed for the city.

We stopped for lunch at P’s hometown drive-in…

2013-02-15 13.56.48
“Where’s my burger?!”

… before heading to Spokane…

2013-02-15 14.38.17
Full belly = nap time in the car.

… where we stayed right by Riverfront Park and shopped and ate (and, in E’s case, ran and played) until we dropped.

2013-02-15 15.46.18
Our room had direct access to the lawn outside. Play time!

We had breakfast in our PJs… (Well, one of us did. The rest of us put actual pants on.)

2013-02-16 09.00.26
Food is fun.

We were in awe of the animals at Cabela’s…

2013-02-16 15.52.30
2013-02-16 15.52.57
The fish might have been his favorite.

And we definitely enjoyed Olive Garden with Sara and her husband…

Breadsticks! Not pictured: lasagna.
Breadsticks! Not pictured: lasagna.

It was a good weekend, but it wasn’t long enough. I miss having quick access to shopping and food and THINGS.

Also, yes, I only took pictures of E. Nothing else really holds my interest like he does!

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