Remember when?

Remember when you were younger and you’d walk with your parents through the frozen food section and pass all the really deliciously yummy looking food (lasagnas and fried rices and OMG PIZZA ROLLS) on your way to the frozen vegetables that you prayed plleeeeeease don’t have lima beans in them?

OK, maybe that was just me… but I really kinda doubt it.

Fast forward I don’t know how many years it takes you to learn that those deliciously yummy looking frozen foods aren’t always exactly deliciously yummy – in fact, they’re usually not. Because they’re frozen. I mean, sure, some are alright (I do love a good pizza roll) but they’re frozen. Not gourmet.

I really thought I learned that lesson years ago. Like, in high school.

I was wrong.

Today at the grocery store (after going to Maurices, yay! for new jeans and a black zip-up hoodie – because wtf, black is my favey fave color and I heart hoodies and I didn’t have one but do now – and yeah yeah a couple pairs of shoes) on a quick trip for some cat litter and other household items, I decided I’d pick myself up a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for dinner. Ya know, since the boy works nights and all.

And then I saw it: Kung Pao Chicken. I know, right? Deliciously yummy!

So I bought it. And promptly came home and popped that baby in the microwave. Four to five minutes later, I open up the lil container and see… no chicken. Bastards shoulda called that Kung Pao Soggy Vegetables.

And I should have known better.

I would have been very disappointed if I weren’t on a high from shopping (did I mention jeans and hoodies and shoes, oh my?) and cleaning/rearranging the living room. Yup, I’m still on the actually do something about the mess rather than just bitch about it kick and it’s going rather well. Except for one small thing.

Remember when they used to make furniture out of real, solid wood and not plastic/plywood? Yeah, well. That shit’s heavy. And I am weak.

Good thing I have jeans and hoodies and shoes and Mountain Dew to reward myself with.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the bagel bites. My roommate and I used to GORGE ourselves on those freshman year. But you’re right — I’m sure if I had one today, it wouldn’t be nearly as delicious.

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