BiSC and growth and perspective

I ate Starburst on my way home from work yesterday, loathing the fact that I wore real shoes and wasn’t lounging poolside in 90º weather.

I live about 9 miles from where I work, and it takes me anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to get from A to B, depending on the weight of my foot that day. Life has been hard since my return from Vegas, but not (just) because I miss the pool and margaritas.

The word “tribe” was used at the farewell brunch, and I couldn’t agree more. When I got home from BiSC 2011, I told P that BiSCuits were “my people.”

BiSC 2013 only solidified that.

I think that what makes the transition back to real life so difficult is that I have so few of my people geographically near me. Pre-Vegas, I was okay with it – I didn’t love it, but I accepted it. It is what it is.

But post-Vegas?


The four days I spent with my fellow BiSCuits reminded me what it’s like to be surrounded by people I LOVE and admire and look up to, to be surrounded by people who inspire me, who push me to be a better version of me. These people are the ones who have made me truly understand that it’s okay to have fun AND be a mom, which is a Big Fucking Deal because I judged myself so hard pre-Vegas.

So now I have a lot of thinking to do, deciding where I belong and if this is it.


Because my town and my view might be pretty, but is it really mine?

4 thoughts on “BiSC and growth and perspective

  1. Kaci, I’m from a city of 3 million and I still feel exactly the same. Where I’m from, people are ultimately busy. Too busy for friendships. Too busy to really invest to make relationships matter. I suppose I’m also a perpetrator of this — real life just sucks you in and all this time passes and you’re like “where did it all go”?

    Good luck with The Big Decision — I doubt it’ll be easy, but if you align What Works with What Makes You Happy, I’m pretty sure that you win 🙂

  2. Dude, I KNOW. I feel the exact same thing. Beforehand, it’s like, meh, okay, this sucks but it’s a familiar sort of suck, but that one weekend just blows it all up and you’re like, HOW IS THIS OKAY? HOW HAVE I BEEN OKAY WITH THIS? And yet… where do you go? I’m kind of stuck where I am. It’s just harder being reminded of it, the being far-away bit.

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