Scotland 1 (gazillion); teenybopper dudes -5,937,183

I’ll be one of the first to admit that I (attempt to) keep up with trends. I may not follow ’em, but I know about ’em. Er, well, at least… kinda.

But really. I’m all about Lady GaGa right now and GAWD I don’t know why.

But you know what I don’t get?

Zac Efron.


And while we’re at it… Robert Pattinson. Sorry, I had to Google his name because in my head he’s just “the guy in those Twilight movies.”

To be completely honest, I think for awhile I thought they were the same person. SAWWWWRY I’m not 12.

Oh but hey. She’s kinda cute, whoever she is.


I really, really don’t get the obsession lately.

Granted, I haven’t read a sentence of Twilight or seen the movies. And Zac Efron… what’s he in, High School Music 74?


I just don’t get it.

Here, however, is what I DO get:



I’ll refrain from posting the pictures that really make me drool. But for real? The eyes, the muscles, the dark hair, the… everything. I’d hit that. Twice.

You get the point.

Zac? Twilight guy? You ain’t got nothin’ on Gerard.

0 thoughts on “Scotland 1 (gazillion); teenybopper dudes -5,937,183

  1. The Twilight guy played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter (don’t know if you have kept up with that). It looks like he went on a bender and forgot to shower since his HP character died. I find him gross.

    Now, Zefron. I was anti him until I saw Hairspray. I think he’s fun.

    1. Oohh Stacie, I knew that! I totally agree – I liked him in HP but he got all nasty since then.

      Y’all are making me feel totally uncool, telling me how… well, cool, Zefron is. 🙂

      1. Sorry, guys, but I love Rob Pattinson. I mean, his stoner- ness is what’s so… appealing about him! 🙂 But I hate Zac Efron. Eew. He’s nasty.

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