A BiSC recap. Or, what I did in Vegas for four days.

May 16-19 was the fifth and final Bloggers in Sin City. I came home with countless memories, and not nearly enough words. But because people keep asking me, But what did you DO in Vegas? … and because I have to do my best to give shout-outs to our amazing sponsors and the beautiful people I met and was reunited with… here is my trip, in a nutshell.

Thursday (May 16)

Top: Me, Abby, Caryn and San (photo from Caryn)
Bottom: Me, Caryn and Terra (photo from Kelly)

Drive to the airport. Realize I left all my jewelry at home (including my wedding ring!) – shit! Decide that only means I can’t lose said jewelry. Flight. Layover. Flight. Impatient text messages from Katherine and Abby. Where are you? In the airport, looking for Onyi. What about now? TRYING TO FIND NICOLE. WHERE ARE YOU?! IN A CAB!

Find Onyi. Where the hell is Nicole? THIS IS THE INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT SECTION. Finally find Nicole. Cab ride. SO EXCITED ZOMG. Attempt to contain glee. Fail miserably. Flamingo! Fall ON MY ASS in the lobby trying to sneak up on fellow BiSCuits. Registration suite! ALL THE AWESOMENESS. Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! There’s Katherine! Hi Nicole! Meet roomie Abby! Meet San! Love them! MEET ALL THE PEOPLE. LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE. I am so fucking glad I came.

Go to hotel room. Dig through epic gift bag. Pop Chips! GelaSkins gift card! I FORGOT ABOUT MY SUNGLASSES AND MOO CARDS! HTC water bottle? Sweet. BiSC wallet-sized USB drive? Even sweeter. Stack wines? I totes don’t drink wine but I have wino friends who do. Um, these earrings by Liz Kantner are AWESOME and I’m wearing them now.

Go shopping. Overwhelmed. Cry in Sephora because BiSCuits are fucking amazing. Cannot spend $150 in Sephora in one day, must come back later. There’s Brandy! And Nic! Adore. Return to hotel room. Change into hot pink pants. Mixer at Serendipity3. Mind blown by awesome people and awesome food spread. CRAZY AS SHIT STARING CONTEST. People are crying. What is happening?

PJs. Slumber party with so many loves. Up hourssssss past my bedtime. Bliss.

Friday (May 17)

Casey Palmer 981929_10101295498228450_843377281_o
Pool Day. Photo by Casey Palmer.

POOL DAY. Plans to poolside for a bit, then shop. End up legit day drunk at the pool ALL. DAY. LONG. Crossed paths with a bachelor party, cool guys. Kaci = wingman. YOU WROTE FOR THE ONION AND GUYS WITH KIDS? Shut up. I FUCKING LOVE BEACH BALLS! God I’m obnoxious. Dinner at Spice Market Buffet. I couldn’t even tell you where that is. I’M DAY DRUNK. AND I’M A MOM. Good food. I think. I couldn’t actually tell you. Sunglasses inside, at night, during dinner. Need fresh air and coffee. Starbucks! Sober up, Kaci. Get your shit together.

“O” by Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio. I will never be the same.

Saturday (May 18)

Wake up with a pillow on my face. Deeeeaaaad. Abby is fucking adorable in her day sequins. Want to hate her, but can’t because she’s so damn love-able. Brunch at Paradise Garden Buffet. Yummmm. SHOPPING. Biggest Forever 21 of my life. Not enough room in my suitcase. Oh well! I’ll figure it out. Sephora. Sephora. Sephorrrrraaa. Lovely time with Katherine, Jenn and Megan.

Group dinner at Le Village Buffet in Paris. I AM IN HEAVEN. I can’t even.

Photos by Katelin, Kelly, San and Kate

Prep for Wicked White Party. All the primping. I don’t know about y’all, but Abby, Nicole, Katherine and I look fabulous. Rockin’ the aviators at night. I don’t even care. Happy hour at Center Cut Steakhouse. SEA OF WHITE PEOPLE. Bitches be jealous. We are an incredibly good-looking group. All the free drinks this little white girl can drink! Move the party to the VIP rooftop at PURE Nightclub. Something about the Venetian (I don’t even know which club) and Margaritaville and up-all-night talks. White jeans are in definite need of some TLC when I get home. Vaguely recall something about how the red splotches are “NOT MY PERIOD!” Celebrate? Heart-to-heart with Katherine and Jenn until sunrise.

Sunday (May 19)

Terra Gatti 943577_10101125499701626_1973332137_n
Hugging Katherine like I never want to let go because I DON’T. Photo by Terra.

Dragging ass. Brunch at Paradise Garden Buffet is a piece of bacon and ugly crying as people talk about all the feelings. The crying helps the hangover, actually. Cab ride to In-n-Out and I can’t even eat a burger. So dead. At least I have my suitcase to hold me upright. This is goodbye. I can’t handle it, so I just walk away. Cab ride to the airport where I get my shit together and wait, wait, wait to get home to see my boys. Flight. Layover. Not-so-great weather in SLC. Delayed flight. Minor freak-out due to never having flown in not-so-great weather. I’m still alive. Plane lands, where the fuck did I park? Find car. HOME. Shit, I need gas. Fuel up. HOME. 1:00 am. Cuddle my boys.

Monday (May 20) – present

Miss everybody so effing much. Keep “seeing” BiSCuits wherever I go. Attempt to come to terms with the fact that Vegas is over and I have to get back to real life. Can’t. Just can’t.

– – – – – – – – – –

I had to have missed something, some things. Because this wasn’t all Vegas was, this isn’t all BiSC was to me. It was so much more, as you may have started to understand from my last two posts. I’ll never ever ever be able to tell y’all what BiSC REALLY was to me. It goes beyond words. It was me at my purest. It was the real Kaci, void of any masks or expectations. It was love.

12 thoughts on “A BiSC recap. Or, what I did in Vegas for four days.

  1. Kaci, even though we only hung out that first afternoon/night together, watching you enjoy the shit out of Vegas was truly wonderful. I love that you were able to step out of your ‘mom’ shoes and have a whole weekend just for you. Also, this recap is SPOT ON.

    1. Thank you so much Cait! You are the sweetest. There just wasn’t enough time, you know? It was really great to meet you, though – just one of the beautiful parts of BiSC, because we probably never would have met otherwise! <3

  2. It was probably the worst thing ever that you and I sat next to each other on final brunch because I think we just made each other cry over and over again. ALL THE FEELINGS. I’m so glad you were there this year, lady. You needed it and I love you and getting to see your face again was the best.

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