10 Signs You’re a Kickass Parent (from a completely unbiased point of view)

1. You buy a box of Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries for your child and eat almost all of it yourself.

2. You gleefully look forward to playing with – er, introducing your child to – playdough.

3. You are sure to give your child their fruit snack-esque chewy multivitamin every day because you remember how badly you wished you had them growing up.

4. Movie Night isn’t complete without popcorn, and is at least a weekly event.

5. A few kicks to the head is totes worth waking up next to your smiling (or, better yet, snoring) toddler.

6. Watching your kid figure something out for the first time, all on their own, is literally the highlight of your life.

7. Pushing the car in the yard is your only form of exercise. Running with the car is cardio!

8. You look forward to Christmas traditions… in June.

9. Hearing your child laugh immediately makes the day’s stresses and worries disappear. This applies even if said disappearance is only momentarily.

10. Your child’s safety, well-being and happiness are your top priority at all times. Nothing more, nothing less.

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